Noip duc not updating

My server is configured as servergateway and I have double checked the authentication for my dyndns service.That's OK, but I am still not getting any update for my IP address.

noip duc not updating-13

How can I figure out why SME's client or the no-ip client cannot or will not update my address for either the dyndns or no-ip service? I followed the instructions all the way to the part before moving it to the right directory for automatic functioning.

So all I had to do was move it and use the command "noip2" to get things rolling. Detailed instructions for installation of the no-ip client are here: I did that.

However all of this requires that you have a location on the internet which people can find such as

This is normally done by purchasing a domain name and pointing it to a static IP address which isn't free.

I assume the configuration managed dynamic dns update client is broken. Seems like I should be able to see how it is not working before I do that.

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