No luck dating online

The next 20% of emails came from men who were time wasters, put me on the back burner, sidelined me or otherwise emotionally maladjusted. They’re too busy dating your female counterpart – the average woman who wants the “hot” guy.) I absolutely agree with Offensive Dan when he says people write obnoxious profiles with all kinds of disclaimers and shit tests HOPING to attract some dolt desperate enough to tolerate their self-important BS.

Finally, there were 10% of men that I actually went out with. (That one lasted about 5 months or so.) In the past 7 months I’ve gone out with all of 3 guys from that site, two of which led to something ongoing but certainly did not/have not reached anything that would merit the “omigod BOYFRIEND! I focused only on the guys that I was genuinely excited to meet. Please enlighten me as to how this myth that women get more messages started. Maybe the women who are inordinately beautiful or the ones in their twenties get barraged with emails. Having done a number of profile reviews for men in the last couple of weeks, I’ll say this. The woman who looked good but whose profile was so abysmally awful- COMPLETE WITH OBVIOUSLY OLD PHOTOS – that it was clear all these guys cared about was dating someone “hot.” I had no problem alerting some of these men to the fact that they were average looking guys competing with all the other average looking guys. Eventually they grow bored with those men and women and start all over.

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Don’t act like the ‘chubby’ girls or the ‘older’ girls get NO action online. Then there was the 10% that were from the guys from Amsterdam or London asking me how the weather was over here.

Do some homework: ask all of your chubby and older girlfriends how many emails they get online. Another 20% were from the guys who opened with, “Hey beautiful/sexy/love those lips” or some other socially inept comment.

When I was actively using OK Cupid for dating purposes, I’d post a profile and get about 50 emails in the first 3-5 days. Of those emails, at least 40% of them were from men that were 10+ years above or below my age range.

And then once I hit the one month mark I’d get maybe 3 emails a week for a couple weeks, even when I’d update my profile.

But to him, she was “a seven.” So maybe that, too, is part of the problem.

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