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In a bizarre twist, Jojanneke and her fundamentalist anti-prostitution friends have started a pro-sex workers’ rights movement, they have urged journalists and other professionals to speak up and debunk the bullshit because they took it too far.

I’m on the phone with radio, newspapers and television broadcasters on an almost weekly basis, Sekswerk Nederland is constantly being contacted, I’m meeting with politicians and policy makers, the Netherlands is buzzing.

The Dutch sexual health organisation Rutgers WPF published a thoroughly sane, well informed article promoting human rights for sex workers and objecting the biased anti-prostitution documentary by Jojanneke and the proposed laws of CU and Gert-Jan Segers.

This law would target anyone involved with a non-licensed sex worker, even when is forcing her.

Again, to be clear: current laws are vague and adequately discriminatory to facilitate a human trafficking sentence when a sex workers’ boyfriend cheats on her, but this new law would make it possible for authorities to go after him even if he’s faithful and she doesn’t want to see him punished.

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