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This is probably the closest we’ll get to an Elizabeth Bennett style ‘taking a turn about the room’ dating experience but we both note it’s not quite as romantic as Jane Austen has led us to believe [sigh].

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Perhaps she has decided that, still single at 32, I am desperate to claw my way out of the proverbial closet and is bringing me along to this event as the push I need. The women of Clapham have done themselves proud and there is barely a minger in sight.

Dear future husband, They say talk is cheap (unless you’re a solicitor) so this week I’m going mute and trialling silent speed dating.

I’ve roped in my trusty challenge sidekick Jane in for the experiment.

Jane is guest blogging for me this week and has written you a little note to you.

Yours Alice ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To the poor soul that weds my rambunctious pal Al, “Come to a silent dating event” she said “it’ll be fun” she said.

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