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Their entire relationship has taken shape on Facebook, Viber and over the phone.

That’s an impressive feat considering mountainous, remote Falam has terrible internet reception and an unreliable power supply.

There was, however, one vital thing missing: the groom.

But thanks to some crude digital editing, that didn’t stop him from being in the wedding photo.

In the picture, taken in advance of the ceremony, Bawi Pi’s face has been superimposed above the shoulders of another man — his cousin — who stood in for the groom while wearing a nuptial suit.

YANGON — Esther Ngun Nei Mawi just had the kind of wedding she dreamed of as a young girl.

There was a table stacked with gifts, a banquet, hundreds of her friends and family members in attendance and a bridal gown of handwoven fabric unique to her community in western Myanmar.

“I thought he was joking,” she said as she sat on a low plastic stool in a teashop in Yangon, Myanmar’s commercial hub.

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