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They would just write me prescriptions for problems I didn't have and it wasnt any better when I got taken to the ER they wrote it off as a headache because they too didn't know what was wrong with me. Things that have been rough for her is her attitude became negative which is not the path you want to go down.

I am curious to know how others cope with the symptoms of MS, especially the fatigue its the worst for me I hardly have any energy to get up and shower or cook something to eat. But a friend that has had MS for over 17 years recommended an awesome and very active forum to me. Things to look in to that are both extremely important at this time for you.

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The symptoms of multiple slcerosis makes life very difficult and I was wondering if there are others out there who suffer too.

I was recently diagnosed in early October before it had been misdiagnosed as a stroke in July.

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