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Rx claims that no matter what a man’s personality is like he can be himself and still pick up women Mr. Rx along with Vin Dicarlo form a new wing of the seduction community focused on personality approaches, though Vin Dicarlo does not take into consideration the personality of the man who is approaching. He does offer one-on-one personal advice by telephone on his website though. In December 2007 he published his major book, “Dating To Relating - From A To Z” in ebook form followed by a paperback release in August 2008. His website has grown from a startup website in March 2007 to surpassing the leader in the field, Double Your in Alexa popularity rankings for the first time in 2010. Rx also began writing (with a few other authors) dating advice for women, introduced a website for women in 2010, called Dating To Relating For

Rx’s writing is that he writes extensively and equally about how to relate to women after you meet them and how to achieve the goal of maintaining a long lasting relationship. He also offers sexual instruction to men on how to be a good lover. He claims he is not interested in fame and just wants to help men so he has not made personal appearances or given seminars like most of the other gurus. Rx does appear to be, by his own account anyway, in his fifties and in his personal life Mr. Rx reports that he has four children, has been married and divorced 2 times, has never cheated on a wife or girlfriend, and in between marriages or girlfriends has maintained multiple sexual relationships with as many as ten women at once without lying to anyone. His Dating to Relating website was started in March 2007, and his first ebook “How I Got 700 Dates In One Year” was published shortly thereafter. Since 2007 he has released a number of other books in both ebook and paperback form. Rx’s most controversial topic is his theory of “Feet Angles” that he uses to quickly evaluate personality.

Rx How to Get Your Wife or Girlfriend to Want More Sex: (For Guys Who Are Dating or in Relationships) Dating To Relating, Inc.

Rx claims that techniques that treat all women the same only work on a small percentage of women because they are only working on one personality type and that his technology allows men to generate dozens of personalized techniques which take into account the personality of the man approaching and the personality of the woman being approached -- as well as being more comfortable than other techniques that often demand a man to be cocky, demeaning, macho, etc.

“Dating To Relating” was first published by Aardvark Global Publishing Company, LLC, but after its success, Dating To Relating formed it’s own publishing company and began publishing “Dating To Relating - From A To Z” and all Mr. Since then the two websites have vied back and forth for the top ranking in the dating advice community for men.

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