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Work brought her family to the state, as her husband was the superintendent overseeing the construction of what would become the St. Once the construction was complete, Sasse said they had planned to move, but didn’t.She and her husband decided to stay so their children were not uprooted from school.Indeed, Sasse had moved into a culture that was a Mecca for a personal hobby of hers – genealogy.

GEORGE – Outside of Utah, the membership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – the Mormons – is in the minority. Newcomers to Utah suddenly find themselves in the minority if they are not a part of the dominant religion and its accompanying culture.

To members of the LDS church, religious and cultural intolerance is nothing new.

As for dealing with the predominant culture of the area, Sasse said it didn’t bother her much.

She and her family got along well with their neighbors and the community.

Still, being in the minority really doesn’t bother Sasse.

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