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I spread my jacket out on the grass and lay down in the sun. I prefer to do it in the company of a woman watching me, but most often it is by myself. I also like a bit of pain, it hi-lights the climax. ... :) It was a really slow day at this very large aquatic center where i go every week, it was a coldish day and while i did swim a bit in the big pool, it was rather cold. i was relaxing just minding my own business and a naughty... Knowing that there were other people in the house that had no idea what I was doing turned me on even...

it wasn’t long before I had my jeans off and my underwear round my... I typicaly spend several hours a day watching **** and playing with myself. Before I got married I used to ********** by lying down in the bathtub with the water on and scoot my butt under the faucet. I think of ************ as a private act, just me alone with my thoughts.

I wait until I have to pee pretty badly before I sit on the toilet, or get in the shower, and apply a generous...

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i *********** yesterday...i was in bathroom having a bath...i been feeling very horny whole day..i started of with my hand...fantecused about a girl having a bath with me in the same room......was fun..... but it got old, and I needed something new, so I got a pool toy to put in my butthole while I **********. Everyone masturbates, but the topic is considered to be taboo and is never discussed publicly or in mixed company. Love to jack my hard **** and feel it stiffen, jerk and harden more when I ***.

I admit that I do it quite often and have quite a few fantasies that I've used over the years to get my rocks off. ************ is superior to ******* on some levels. I like to ********** making up lovestories, fantasing, reading erotic stories, being naked.

Whetever one isn't getting enough, has a too small penis or a loose vagina.

Is there really no way to work around those issues... while ************, I usually pretend I'm the girl.

My wife used to ********** me too and that is "loads" of fun. At school when I was twelve I was sitting at my desk the girl accros from me at another table was wearing short shorts there was only 5 kid in my class everybody else had lice whoever was here was sitting at the front of the class except for me and her when she was wearing short... Once I was at a not so busy nude beach, only men were there, I started stroking myself and I just went further and further, each step watching carefully the reactions of the...

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