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Therefore it was not practical to regulate and control their lives.A daughter was called a "virgin," that is, one who has not engaged in sexual intercourse.During the eleventh century this ideal was strengthened by reform movements within the church.

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A person's identity depended on his or her descent through the male line.

Daughters were expected to remain virgins until they were married, or for their entire lives if they were not married.

The ideal of virginity had roots in the Christian New Testament (the second part of the Bible), in Greek philosophy, and in writings of early Christian leaders.

Several questions arise when describing the condition of European women in the Renaissance: Did their social or economic condition improve? Were they able to express themselves in different ways than in the Middle Ages? These questions can be addressed by looking at women's lives in three settings: the family, religion, and elite culture (the lives of female rulers, artists, and thinkers).

Women played several roles in their families, depending on their age and marital status.

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