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As well as smartphone and tablet disruption, Gartner analysts believe “desk-based PCs will be adversely impacted over the longer term by the adoption of Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVDs), which can readily use other devices such as thin clients.” IGEL Universal Desktops are proving popular because they are ideal for a centrally managed or virtualized environment.

With no moving parts, they are reliable, secure from viruses, environmentally friendly in power consumption and sleek in design for today’s desktops.

UK – January 11, 2011 – IGEL Technology, the world’s third largest thin client manufacturer, reported that its UK thin client business grew 129% in 2010 as organisations invested in their desktop infrastructure to deliver further management savings.

In the UK, IGEL also saw a 457% unit increase in its Universal Desktop Converter software licenses, which allow businesses to convert old PCs and thin clients into IGEL thin clients.

Form factors include traditional desktops, integrated LCD units and quad screens as well as the world’s leading software for PC to TC conversion.

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