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Select "Search" and the criteria will be searched for in the following data fields: Title, Abstract Body, Keywords, Author Name and Abstract ID.

To search papers by: Title, Abstract, Abstract ID or Keywords: Enter a word, phrase or abstract ID number in the Search Term field.

Exact match: Enclose the exact words or phrase in quotes in the Search Term field.

Title: Select Title Only if you only want to search paper titles. Date: Select a date range from the drop-down list to limit results.

Networks: Select "Modify" to expand the list of subject area networks and select which one(s) to include in the search. To remember your Network preferences and apply them by default when you use Advanced Search, check the "Remember this" checkbox after you have selected the one or more subject networks you want saved.

This option allows you to search the Full Text PDF documents of almost all of the scholarly papers on SSRN.

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