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And Arkansas-born Massey, 32, fits in beautifully as a sweet-voiced hero capable of balladeering, acrobatics, and, thankfully, taking his shirt off, culminating on an aerial swing dangling over flames as you gasp at the guy’s range. The message is to find your own happiness by making your own decisions, not from being pushed into anything. I sang Tuptim’s part in “I Have Dreamed” from The King and I. Karl—who’s Tony nominated for his fine work involving singing, dancing, and pugilism—told me he’s loving all the press, excitement, and people running up to offer him a handshake.

They have a lot in common: It’s no secret that Cole’s a major video game enthusiast, and according to her Insta bio, Bree shares his passion for gaming!

The rather comely Kyle Dean Massey has stepped into the wandering shoes of Pippin in the smash Broadway revival of that show about a medieval prince who’s tracking down all sorts of worldly adventures en route to discovering the real joys in life. They had to teach me to do a somersault, so a backflip is a huge deal. I think it’s more about finding happiness outside of yourself. Right at this second, it’s long distance, but we don’t do long distance much. Recently, I was in a benefit called Broadway Backwards, where guys sing the girl parts and vice versa.

, both brothers went off to New York University and were just normal college guys.

Sure, they kept in touch with fans via social media but, for the most part, stayed out of the public eye.

But while his hotness has escalated about 1 million percent in the past few years, he actually dated quite a few ladies before all this female attention was on him. Erin Barr — Cole’s first serious relationship was with Erin, a fashion designer whose clothes have been featured on the New York Fashion Week runways.

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