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The sure sign for a young man that he is able to reproduce is that his erection is followed by an ejaculation. Emotionally, you might be very far from being ready to take on the responsibility of becoming a father. The prostate gland produces a liquid that helps sperm to survive after leaving the male body.

Sperm, more precisely spermatozoa, are produced by the testicles, which are glands within the scrotum. At the beginning, sperm forms in the testicles, then travels through the epididymis. During ejaculation, spermatozoa and liquid from the prostate and other glands make a mix while travelling through the urethra. The urethra is a tube that also connects to the bladder for passing urine.

The scrotum functions like a thermostat, regulating the temperature of the testicles. During sexual excitement, for example during lovemaking, this connection is interrupted so that the semen does not come into contact with urine.

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The most important sex hormones in the female body are estrogen and progesterone. Men carry female hormones and women carry male hormones as well.

Let’s look at the difference between the male and female reproductive organs.

The internal organs are (epididymis, vas deferens, prostate, urethra) and external reproductive organs are (penis, scrotum holding the testicles or testes).

Sperm production begins at the onset of puberty, at an average age of 13 years, and lasts throughout the life of a man.

The scrotum contracts to bring the testicles closer to the body to keep them warm. It has an oval-shaped head and a tail that serves as a propeller.

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