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Before we request this option on your behalf, your lawyer will discuss the additional costs of the electronic monitoring/home confinement program with you.Electronic monitoring/home confinement allows you to wear an electronic bracelet around your ankle so your movements can be monitored.Usually, those convicted of misdemeanor crimes, and some felonies, are eligible.

You can go to work or school, but must stay be home during the required hours (curfew).

Readers, Colleagues, Media Partners & Friends: It is with deep appreciation for your help, encouragement, readership and support over the past three years that I am tasked with announcing the suspension of operations at the Nevada News Bureau.

It costs the county and the state a great deal of money to keep people in jail.

Programs such as these allow the county and the state to save money because the cost of electronic monitoring/home confinement is paid for by you.

You should also know that the judge is not the deciding factor in whether you ultimately get into such a program.

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