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Film House Germany’s Gabriela Bacher will produce with Landais under his Princeps Films label. Cohen, Joely Richardson, Francois Sarkozy and Film House Germany’s Christian Angermayer and Klemens Hallmann are executive producing.Gary Rubin, EVP of Cohen Media Group, will serve as an associate producer.

Richardson plays a very pretty Marie-Antoinette in pretty to be Marie-Antoinette, but regardless, the film is fun and the costumes are fabulous.

Never mind that Richardson is approximately 100 times prettier than the real Mrs.

It’s no wonder that since the mid-1980s, she has routinely shown up in historical costume flicks across a wide swath of eras. Based on a story by Dylan Thomas, this film is about a plucky Welsh village that bands together to stand up to their local aristocrat who is busy taxing them into poverty. If you love Sean Bean, Sean Bean naked, you’ll love the miniseries.

For all the shagging, Richardson’s performance left me a little cold, though it’s hard for me to put my finger on why. AKA “18th-century .” Richardson is far too good for this film, which features shitty costumes and Mel Gibson reprising his role as William Wallace in Colonial America.

Richardson by ICM Partners and The Artists Partnership.

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