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Japanese American culture & arts Los Angeles - Japanese American culture & arts New York - Japan Daily news on Japan and Asia Newson Japanese dating, site for Japanese women, Japanese girls, Japanese singles, Japanese personals Looking to meet sincere, cultured single Japanese women or men? Check out Asian Super Match.com's Japanese dating community.He still gets to go home to his wife, and I get to peruse my list. One of my email dates remarked that it was much easier for foreign men to date in Japan than foreign women. The divorce rate in Japan may be low, but I imagine that’s because the affair rate is so high. I’m just hoping that I’ll find a wandering eye of my own some day. Anne Weinberg is on an exchange program studying government affairs in Tokyo.Japanese women, Japan dating, Japanese web site resources Gateway for all Japanese info Japanese American National Museum Japanese women, beauty online magazine - Women Stanford guide to Japan info JGuide.

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So upon my arrival in Tokyo a few months ago, I reveled in the idea of finding my soul mate, a man who would be devoted to me and our future family. Due to the nature of my career, my workplace is not an appropriate place to meet a potential partner, nor do I really like the bar scene.

I was looking forward to more, until, on our second date, I also learned about his wife. Holler out to everyone else in the restaurant that there was a two-timing jerk sitting across from me? “You’re paying for dinner,” I said, and proceeded to order the most expensive items on the menu, as well as more wine and dessert.

(Hey, I don’t get out much.) I then blessed him with two hours of philosophizing about love, commitment and marriage. I went back to my list, but this time with less enthusiasm, and I soon put it aside.

Then, a few short weeks later, I met “him.” Intelligent, hot, attentive and, you guessed it, married. We shared so many interests, and there was definitely chemistry.

Fortunately, he was supportive of my position and we pledged to remain friends.

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