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Experience tells us money problems are often so much more than an overdue bill.

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The service has been designed and developed to support the most vulnerable in the community perhaps with mental health problems, disabilities, caring commitments, mobility, remote location or age.

Our advisers spend time listening and understanding the underlying causes as well as the presenting issues, they develop special relationships, take a balanced view while maintaining a professional, informed approach.

Our advice service combines the features of three advice disciplines, enabling us to offer a ‘holistic’ approach while minimising the need to pass clients from pillar to post.

(Over a 2 year period 9 out of 10 housing tenants reduced or cleared their rent arrears balance after Pennysmart CIC Advisers intervened).

Our friendly expert advice sessions can be delivered into the heart of the community, through client home visits, through groups where they meet and feel welcome, or local meeting places that are familiar.

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