Live furry chat rooms - I want to build my own dating website

For example, let's say that your domain name is My

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Then it needs supporting, bug fixes, and most importantly, you need to build the service to critical mass. Someone walks into your freshly built dating shop and they look around.

The best thing about the Web is the fact that anyone with an idea can create a Web site practically for free. That means that there are millions of different ideas out there being tried every day. There are a couple different levels for your idea to be operating on. Let's say that you have an idea for a Web site, and you have a cool domain name that you want to use.

Web sites broadcast to a gigantic world-wide audience instantly -- at no other time in the history of the world has a single human being been able to reach so many people for so little money. You aren't sure when you will be able to get started on the site itself, but you want to make sure that nobody else gets the idea and takes that domain name.

If it is available, you want to register that domain name (also known as "reserving" or "parking" the domain name). In order for you to park the domain name, it has to actually live on a server somewhere.

It will usually have some sort of "Under Construction" notice that shows up when people try to access that domain name. There are many companies that will park your domain name on a server, and a number of them charge a fee.

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