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Technology Our problems are similar to those of non-Hutterites; these days it seems technology is heavy on many minds.

It’s here to stay, however we have to be mindful of how much time is spent with things like video games, movies, cell phones…especially where children are concerned.

So it’s very disturbing when we see children and your people spending too much time staring at a screen for long periods of time, which tends to block others out, which is never a good thing.

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We try to instill from a young age not to abuse these things.

Hutterites are known to be very sociable people, enjoying interactions with other people, Hutterites and non-Hutterites alike.

In many colonies we also have our own Hutterite people who are the teachers.

Children love to be around animals, and there’s ample opportunity for that, since each colony is a big farm with chickens, cows, turkeys, duck, geese or horses.

Many times children work alongside their dad or another adult and learn about taking care of the animals. And they’re within walking distance for each child.

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