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For the Japanese, who have grown up in Japan all their lives, the social conditioning is even stronger.At some point, she came over and told me that we needed to leave because the store was closing.

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In it, Julien from RSD is talking about picking up girls in Tokyo, Japan.

Predictably with these kind of outrageous tactics, there is a lot of discussion about how this is sexual assault, accusing him of racism and, of course, sexism…now those accusations may all be true, but I don’t really care about that. ” kind of guy, so all I care about is if any of this works. The first thing to realize is that this is nothing new.

The old Japan hands like myself(I arrived in Japan in 2000), know this kind of behavior as “Gaijin Smash” which is defined in the Urban Dictionary as: , foreigner, breaks Japanese cultural conventions intentionally or mistakenly, and then ignores anyone who tries give a reproach for their behavior.

For Japanese, seeing foreigners doing “Gaijin Smash”, is either idiotic, annoying and perplexing, like being stuck in one of those automatic customer service hotline menu mazes, or endearing and cute like watching little kids, or meerkat cubs play on some nature show.

Back when I first moved to Japan, I was browsing in a book store with my first Japanese girlfriend.

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