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Then continue to pray through every step of the relationship--always ready to follow God's lead even if it means stopping a relationship you would like to hold on to.

Sorry, went a bit off the age topic there, but I think it applies because while extreme age differences are usually an indicator of something wrong, there is no hard and fast "cut off" for age difference.

"Love conquers all." My English teacher is married to my TV Production teacher who is 18 years older than her. I personally think that if you are committed to making it work, and age gap can overcome.

"Love conquers all."True, but psychologists have also found that girls who date men who are significantly older typically come from a home where there is no father figure and that the older significant other is the replacement for that part missing from the girl's life.

God has the ultimate plan and it is our job to discern that plan through prayer, etc.

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