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On the recording, Jutting spoke in a relaxed, soft voice as he taunted, bullied and mutilated Ningsih, a single mother who had been visiting Hong Kong on a tourist visa. Do not cry, take it like a good girl,” Jutting said as he described how he was going to put his fist into her.

Jutting called his victim ‘Alice’ as he tormented her.

Jutting, who had attended Winchester College, one of Britain’s most prestigious private schools, shut his eyes, sometimes covering his face with his hand rather than look at the screen in front of him.

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While threatening to cut off her nipples he calmly said: “This doesn’t really hurt does it? Just one more before some water.” After that video, others showing Jutting and Finfish’s mutilated, naked body were screened in an open court room.

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to be precise I cut her throat while she was bending over licking dirty toilet bowl,” he said.

Jutting, who had held a high flying job at Bank of America in Hong Kong before his arrest, at one point filmed himself taking cocaine as he explained how he tortured Ningsih. And that turned me on.” Bespectacled and wearing pale blue shirt, Jutting was flanked by three policemen as he watched what he had done on a video recording a judge said had been found on his i Phone.

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