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Daniel Whiston is a household favourite when it comes to Dancing on Ice - currently airing its ninth and final series - and we got the chance to chat to him about his time on the ITV ice rink, his biggest competition out of the group of all-stars and just what lies ahead for him when he skates off the screen in a few weeks time.You've been with Dancing on Ice from the very beginning, how have you found this whole experience? If someone could have told me that this is what would have happened to me ten years ago, I wouldn't have believed a word of it, but it completely changed my life for the good - it's been fantastic, it really has been an amazing journey.

So, you're looking at Ray and Maria, and their team, then second on the leaderboard is me and Hayley, and we've got our team, and we go head to head.

You won last year with Beth [Tweddle], but this year you're competing against her - is that a strange dynamic?

Yeah it can be sometimes, obviously me and Elizabeth are really good friends, and at first it was a little bit of a worry - it was like 'oh I can't believe we're gonna actually be skating against each other this time' - however, it's been brilliant just to be working with her again.

The twists and turns of the format of the show really determine how the leaderboard's gonna end up.

So there's no way of saying 'this person will win', because the format's changing every week. It's a very tight competition at the moment with everybody nipping at each other's heels - who would you say is your biggest competition?

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