Harris poll online dating

Some surveys deal with interesting topics including religion and politics but most are typical research surveys.

Harris Poll Online tries to keep their surveys interesting and relatively short, between five to thirty minutes.

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They claim to have over six million members in almost ninety countries. Points can be redeemed for gift cards, and you can opt to enter Harris Poll’s sweepstakes every time you take a survey. You can also donate your points to the charities Harris Poll Online offers.

It’s frustrating that Harris Poll doesn’t list the value of a survey at the start, so you never know how much you earn.

Be careful giving out your phone number or home address when they ask for it. The Harris Poll Online name is unfortunately being used by scammers for fraudulent purposes.

Survey invites from “Harris Poll Online” are now more infrequent than past years, so it takes a long time to be able to cash out.

Also, the gift card redemption can’t go over ten dollars including postage, which they used to cover before too.

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