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She likes Niko wearing clothes from the Russian Shop; she thinks clothes bought at Perseus make Niko look like a criminal.Michelle prefers variety, expressing interest in new cars and pointing out if Niko is wearing the same outfit or takes her to the same place constantly (though her reaction to him wearing the same outfit is not actually negative as she always adds "I like it").I felt as if I was the only one knocking back that stuff.

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He is introduced to her during the mission "Three's a Crowd" by Mallorie Bardas, who urges the two of them to date, due to Niko having just arrived in the city and not knowing anybody. Mallorie sets the both of them up and they decide to begin dating.

Whenever Niko takes Michelle to a bar, she never gets drunk while Niko does, and stumbles about.

Niko will often comment on this, saying things like, "Were you drinking in there?

Michelle likes being chauffeured in most cars, except vans and police cars.

She isn't fond of certain cars that come in beater variants.

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