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He walked a few steps forward to get a clearer look on that man.

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" shouted Rei, but Makoto didn't answer to his call. He thought perhaps it was because that their distances were too far that his voice couldn't be heard.

After checking left and right to make sure that he was safe to cross the road, he started running towards Makoto.

As he approached the other side of the road, he saw a drop of tear trickled out of Makoto's eyes. Rei did not reply, he only continued to stare into those watery eyes. You even tried to save me that time when you were actually so afraid of ocean. That is why I really cannot stand the way Haruka-senpai treats you!

Although he was only standing a few steps away from him, but Makoto took no notice of his friend's appearance. His voice was so loud, that it brought Makoto back to reality. Realizing that, Makoto quickly stood up and wiped all of the evidence that might let Rei thought he was crying."So Rei, why-"Rei cut short the taller man's words as he stood up quickly and pressed his lips against Makoto. It also pisses me off that I am not the one that you loves! If only I get to know you before Haruka-senpai did, then you would not need to suffer like this," finished Rei as he covered his face with his left palm, feeling awkward and tired after the outburst."R- Rei…" murmured Makoto, trying to find something to reply to that confession. " Nagisa's loud voice broke the awkward silence between the two men."Nagisa, why are you here?

Makoto finally reached the stairs connecting to Haru's house, but he did not proceed to climb up the stairs. Because there he saw, two men who he seemed to know, standing in the middle of the stairs, and they were… He stopped running when he was almost out of breath, so he ended up falling onto the side of the road. He was starting to be worried of Makoto as he was unable to find his senior.

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