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A double date with two people you just met, one of whom is your romantic competition? Alex chooses Brittany, a young beauty entrepreneur, and Lindsey, a sales rep. Here's where shit gets even more predictable: Alex confesses to both girls that he had instant chemistry with them, and tells Brittany that he knew from the moment they met that he was going to choose her.

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Oh yeah, duh, I forgot the laws of lowest-common-denominator dating.

(That means exchanging 20 seconds of small talk.) Then, she has a choice to make. Or, does she choose to see if he's into her too and proceed right, to the tiki bar?

This is, by the way, the last choice the woman gets to make. If she wasn't feeling him and returns to the bungalows, she's back to waiting for another guy to descend from the sky.

(For the record, I thought he was going to go with Brittany.

But then my boyfriend, who was forced to watch this show with me, reminded me that dopey dudes on reality television pretty much always pick the tall, leggy blonde over the cute, short brunette — it's just TV science.

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