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Taking a break from battleground states, he made the case at his newest hotel...

Cottage Hill Road near the I-65 overpass is officially back open today. When it comes to safety for cyclists, Alabama ranks dead last according to the League of American Bicyclists. Drivers will soon begin to see the "Share The Road" message on the backs of vehicles statewide.

we are talking to a psychologist this morning (am) about "Election Stress Syndrome." Apparently half the adults polled recently said this election is stressing them out, or causing anxiety. We were just talking last week about the trend of stores closing on Thanksgiving to give workers time with their families, but Macy's is bucking the trend.

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In Arizona the death penalty is the law of the land, but that sentence is imposed out of sight except for a few select witnesses.

On the day of the last presidential debate of this race...

Crews with the Alabama Department of Transportation, ALDOT, closed the overpass two weeks ago to replace the crumbling bridge deck. A toll may be coming to Baldwin County, but it's up to your vote come November. (Heightened Enforcement and Tactics), the Mobile Police Department is offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killers of 12 murder victims this year.

The raft flipped over pinning two people under it and ejecting two others. I think Donald Trump had the best joke of the night last night at the Al Smith Dinner in NY (it's a fundraiser for catholic charities). It's nice when candidates can poke fun at themselves. Death penalty foes have been very successful at fighting multiple drugs used in executions. Here's a look inside death row and the death chamber I did earlier this year. I'm going to put my winter grass in today and then golf in the afternoon. We're going to help her get ready and then maybe grab a bite to eat.

Awful."Athletics taught me about delayed gratification. That you have to work hard before you achieve a goal." Gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi in studio talking about skating and her new children's book "Cara's Kindness." She is very cool. The drug used in executions here in Arizona may soon be banned by a federal judge. I have heard from multiple Arizona leaders that they may ask voters soon whether or not to bring back firing squads. It's the ultimate punishment reserved only for the worst crimes committed in our state.

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