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“Lea and Cory have an amazing friendship,” the insider explains. Lea feels she can be silly and totally herself in front of Cory. Lea says what she adores most about Cory is that he is always making her laugh and reminding her not too sweat the small stuff. ” We’ve always thought Finn and Rachel made an adorable couple on the small screen, but Finchel is even cuter now they are officially a real life item.

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fans have been “shipping” this real life relationship for awhile and now it’s finally become a reality!

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith are, in fact, dating and a friend close to Lea tells Hollywood just what makes Finchel such a great couple.

During their date, Santana makes a comment about how Finn is cute, but not hot.

The interactions between these two are sometimes playful and flirtatious, mainly on Santana's end, as she expresses romantic interest in him in several episodes.

She shares plenty of animosity with him in later episodes for reasons Finn does not understand until he finds out that she is a lesbian.

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