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This is what I’d believed, but I apparently had it all wrong.

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For them, it feels more like having a girlfriend, and actually – aside from blokes who pay – I don’t really Face Time anyone other than my boyfriend, so I suppose it makes sense.” If you google girls who strip on Face Time, you won’t get a lot of joy; it’s a trade that still largely exists within chat rooms and private inboxes.

The only people who seem to use Face Time are long-distance grandparents, people with babies and tech-wankers.

It doesn't exactly scream "future of sex", does it?

Amy Lu Bennett, a 26-year-old glamour model from Berkshire, is a case in point.

Anticipating the demise of the lads' mags that kickstarted her career, Amy Lu switched her attention to the internet – where readers had already migrated in droves – and started her own site, Xtreme Playpen.

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