Webcam chat australia - Facebook mobile status not updating

Twitter to Facebook - This Facebook app simply sends all your Twitter updates right into Facebook as status updates with one important exception: @reply tweets will not appear.

Selective Twitter - If you're looking for more manual control over exactly which Twitter updates make it over to Facebook, you might want to try this app instead.

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It also includes a URL shortening function as well, and you can set whether you'd like tiny URL or url Borg as your short URL service in the preferences.

Fire Status can also handle updates to Twitter, Friend Feed, Delicious and as well, making it a handy method for updating any of those services if you're already in your browser.

Facebook has mobile services built right in, making it easy to both send status updates in and get information back out to your phone.

To enable posting from your phone, go to the Mobile tab under your Account Settings.

You'll have to Add a Phone number to associate it with your account and begin sending status updates, so click on the Add phone number link.

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