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My purpose here is to advocate replacing speakers—not just because you’ve blown one out, but proactively as a way of finding a new sound.

While changing speakers is a fairly complicated move, the payoff can be big. The cone’s composition, the speaker’s power handling, the size of the magnet, the material the magnet is made of, how the voice coil is wound—these and many more details of construction make one speaker sound and behave differently from another.

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Musician’s Friend Staff Writer Most competent electric guitarists eventually become concerned with tone and begin experimenting to find a sound they can call their own. The type of guitar, the selection of pickups, the amp used—even such details as string gauges or the thickness of a pick result in changes in sound. Even a player’s touch can have a profound effect on the character of the sound.

One important component of the tonal chain—one that is often overlooked or taken for granted—is the speaker.

The American style is based on the general tonality of vintage American amps such as Fenders—a more rounded, cleaner, and brighter tone.

The British style is based on the tonality of the vintage Marshall and Vox amplifiers—a weightier tone with more low and midrange emphasis.

The Eminence guitar speaker line has two main families—the Patriot Series and the Red Coat Series.

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