Ecuadorian dating customs list of david deangelo dating gurus

I'll rather focus on those little details, local traditions that make each wedding even more beautiful. There groom must not see the bride wearing her wedding dress before the wedding ceremony.Wedding ring should be engraved with groom's name on bride's ring and vice versa.

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During the exchange of rings at the wedding ceremony engagement rings are replaced by wedding rings.

Argentinians usually do not have engagement parties.

But if they happen, they are more private, family affair. The presents bride and groom get can be opened in front of guests. In Argentina parents or grandparents sometimes give the gold (in the form of an old gold chain or something like that) for the new wedding ring to be made.

Brazilian bride should arrive at the place where the wedding ceremony is held 10 minutes later than it is scheduled. People at Brazilian weddings often drink cocktail "caipirinha".

The word caipirinha is a diminutive of "caipira", which means a "person coming from the countryside".

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