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I do remember seeing some Hassy's and Leicas at the Dubai Duty Free and thinking "Wow, you don't see that at many airports". Hi Herman, Not much help really but the last time I was in Dubai they had top of the range BMW 7 series and SL series Mercedes in the duty free! In only ONE instance was the gear cheaper in Dubai.

Kind of difficult to take them seriously after that. For brand-name stuff, you will find that NYC stores have prices that are hard to beat.

I am thinking of a Digital Canon 1D and a 70-200f2.8IS. My wife and I left Abu Dhabi a little over a year ago.

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Oh and they closed the airport for two hours so some Sultan could take off in his custom 747 and his entourage could follow in another custom 747. And forget the airport--the Duty-Free shops cater to rich travellers who might have money to burn and too little time to comparison shop.

The Salam Studios was where I picked up my Pentax 67II.

They also carried Leica and a few other neat things. During my stay in Abu Dhabi, I never did find a store that was THE place for Canon.

Despite viewing your cams for ages, decided to enroll for two reasons.

The first is to say how much I appreciate them, and the second to bring to the attention of mods, a new one recently launched that they might be interested in.

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