Cam free girl serious - Dropbox not updating files

I entered the Photos, clicked the Dropbox album (I have photos on Drop Box) and after a long long page load it showed all the fotos. --- Reply to this email directly or view it on Git Hub: #377 (comment) This problem is happening with me, on own Cloud 6.0.2 and 3 external storages from Dream Objects, using S3 storage. I can confirm this problem with OC 6.0.2 and Dropbox as backend. Maybe that helps someone working on this @icewind1991 @Deep Diver1975 @karlitschek? when connecting to FTP using External Storage, the new files uploaded to FTP does not show in OC 7.0.

Then I went to the Files apps, and saw the new uploaded folder. My file list shows the same size for every storage folder and the same files on every storage folder as well... I am using O'reilly ebook Sync to sync new ebooks I bought into my Dropbox (this is a "Dropbox App"). waited for a very long time and still no updates, even the deleted files are still there.

Uploaded files via FTP to the same dir are not shown in the webinterface.

Those files have the same owner/group and file rights. I updated to 4.5.3 and after a (very long long long time) login the files appeared.

The files uploaded to the external storage must be accessbile from owncloud, whether it have uploaded from Owncloud or directly on the external storage I have only tested it with Dropbox, i don't know if it's a Dropbox specifict issue or it affects all external storages types.

If only affects Dropbox, could you please provide some examples to implement the file syncronization. File upload via owncloud webinterface works very well and uploaded files are shown.

I Uploaded a new file to Dropbox to test if it was working, and the files was missing.

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