Dorm room dating

As with all the articles on moving to a dorm, the place to start is to ask the residence about their rules regarding appliances and electronics.Some dorms allow anything that plugs in while others will have specific rules regarding size of items and voltage. Coffee Maker: For those late nights and early mornings, a coffee maker is probably the most essential item for any dorm room.

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Of course, you'll need one that plugs in rather than the stove-top variety, unless your dorm has a shared kitchen.

A hot breakfast can be had with just a kettle, mug, spoon and a package of instant oatmeal.

It's also good for making hot chocolate, instant soup, soup noodles and anything else requiring boiling water.

Microwave: A small microwave is the perfect solution to making a quick and easy meal, never mind heating up all those frozen dinners your mother made and packed for you.

Again, ask the residence if there are any restrictions on size and energy consumption before purchasing.

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