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A snazzy smile :o) I really wish I could change my username to Joseph Golden Rabbit. Put on your listening cap DUMBO I rode every day for several months. So I thought the story of a boyfriend and a girlfriend, where he watches too much pornography and she watches too many romantic Hollywood movies would be a funny way at talking about these sorts of things.. I think/hope in the future, we'll all be able to watch whatever movie we want to whenever we want to.

I suppose the longer anyone spends on earth, the closer we all get to becoming superfluous characters. DON JON is largely a comedic satire of how our culture treats people (especially women) more like things than like people. Especially when it comes to love and sex and relationships. But you know, what the RIAA calls piracy is tricky. When something can be duplicated infinitely at virtually no cost, it's hard to apply traditional economic rules to it.

I’ve been working as an actor in TV and movies since I was six. I've been making little short films and videos for a long time. Then for my 21st birthday, I got myself my first copy of Final Cut. I've made hundreds of little things over the years.

I just wrote/directed my first feature film called DON JON. I also direct an open collaborative production company called hit RECord.

I've always paid a lot of attention to the way media affects how we see the world.

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