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If you have problem finding a trustworthy babysitter, you can always get help from online babysitter service such as Besides getting a babysitter the kids love, these are the things you need to do to “sell” the idea and get them prepared for a childless vacation.

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Based on previous encounters with my sister-in-law, J and K are happy to be with her.

I can’t recall a time when we went for vacations without our two young children – after they came along.

In a few days’ time, this is going to be the first time my wife and I go for a vacation and leave the kids behind. Blame it on the prize (a RM7000++ travel warrant) we won.

We are sort of “forced” to go just the two of us – simply for two reasons.

First, the trip is too costly for kids as it is a packaged tour (the prize doesn’t include kids and the price is almost the same as adult’s).

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