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There are going to be some things that you need to know when it comes the ways to attract a woman.

If you do get the chance to date a 9 or a 10 type of woman it’s because you either have a great personality which attracts women, you have demonstrated very high social value, or you really got game!

One of the most common things I get from men who asks a hot girl out and accepts is the reaction of surprise. From that point on they start to put the girl on a pedestal and they start to not act like themselves.

The bad things are that highly attractive women can also have bitchy attitudes because they can think they are better than other women.

Hot women can be vain, too confident, or manipulative and may want you to treat them at a standard that they are use too.

The reason for this is because other men are going to try to win her over.

So you always want to look good when dating a beautiful woman. Don’t try to put a beautiful woman on a pedestal and think of her as a goddess because that’s what most men would do.

You need to make sure that you treat her differently than most guys.

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