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If we leave the definition at that, it’s easy to see that we have far to go. Let’s use one that’s even more loaded in some circles, and another which some of us live, and others have forgotten. Let’s talk about the assumptions, and the misconceptions. By definition, feminism is about political, social, and economic equality for women.

What 30-year old doesn’t want the same career opportunities much less remuneration than the person to her left, who is wearing trousers and wingtips or jeans and work boots, rather than practical pumps?

What single parent of either gender doesn’t want to provide decently for his or her children?

I believe in the honorable men my sons will become. These thoughtful men admit that it appears more complicated for women – harder to regroup, particularly when they’re caring for children. Yesterday I wrote at length about two women, and their experience of feminism today.

We had good reason to want them expanded – lower pay for equal work, and seeing our mothers (and sisters and grandmothers) – some content, and others unhappily slotted into homemaker roles when their hearts were elsewhere and their options few.

They were told where they belonged, and they dutifully complied with that piece of the social contract.

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