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I feel that same chemical pull to him that I do to the guys I think are hot on the first glance.It is shallow, and a thing that none of us are supposed to say. I always felt like my exterior didn’t match my interior and landing a good-looking boyfriend who adored me, and whom I adored back, made me feel more … Yesterday, when I saw a couple giddily feeding each other French fries while giving each other I-love-you eyes through the front window of a bistro, my first thought was, “He’s kind of fugs.She can do better.” I don’t get why gorgeous, awesome women continually flock to Adam Duritz—even though he is the frontman of a band I loved in middle school, the dude looks far too much like Sideshow Bob for me ever to consider romantically.

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As the hostess seated us at a cozy table, I felt a sick feeling developing in my stomach. And there was laughter—a lot of it—as well as some fun debates. I felt his hands on my butt, and I liked his boldness.

hat I’m about to say isn’t going to make you love me.

It isn’t PC, and it certainly wouldn’t get high marks from the judges in a beauty pageant question and answer round. For all of my life, until just a few years ago, I was overweight.

As we paid the check and he said, “I had a great time,” I felt a little disappointed. In the cab ride home, I felt hornier than I had in weeks.

Scruffy Beard may not be conventionally attractive but, at least in this point in the game, he’s attractive to me.

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