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Here's a shot of Casey preparing for the Etsy shopping segment where they showed her shopping for the items featured in the episode.

Once the Etsy segment shoot wrapped up, I got a chance to have dinner and get a quick tour of the Hollywood hills.

At Etsy, we've been working on a special partnership with HGTV on an upcoming episode of Design on a Dime slated to air tomorrow, Saturday, Dec. We collaborated with the episode in a way where several items from Etsy sellers were selected and featured in an L. The home was in a state of mid-makeover madness — Casey was going over plans for the design and organizing the featured Etsy items sent in by Etsy sellers while Joel was in the midst of one of the room's larger focal points (you'll have to wait and see).

The room's overall vibe was a mix of an industrial and vintage feel.

I was blown away by how easy it was for Casey to breeze through the Etsy shopping segment — there were no line cards or teleprompters, no "lines" so to speak.

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