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Topics rock, rocks, mineral, figure, activity, crystals, geologic, map, igneous, topographic, igneous rocks, mineral crystals, sedimentary rocks, contour lines, igneous rock, topographic map, sea level, metamorphic rock, topographic maps, sea ice, Physical geology Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology, 10 edition by Richard M. Tasa Includes 6 leaves of graph paper, 6 colored patterns and 3 leaves of "Geo Tools"Measurement units -- Mathematical conversions -- Laboratory equipment -- World map -- Laboratory 1.

-- Lava lamp model of earth -- Paleomagnetic stripes and seafloor spreading -- Atlantic seafloor spreading -- Using earthquakes to identify plate boundaries -- San Andreas transform-boundary plate motions -- Hot spots and plate motions -- The origin of magma -- Laboratory 3.

Mineral properties, identification, and uses -- Mineral and rock inquiry -- Mineral properties -- Determining specific gravity (SG) -- Mineral identification and uses -- The mineral dependency crisis -- Urban ore -- Laboratory 4. Igneous rocks and processes -- Igneous rock inquiry -- Minerals that form igneous rocks -- Estimate rock composition -- glassy and vesicular textures of igneous rocks -- Crystalline textures of igneous rocks -- Rock analysis, classification, and origin -- Thin section analysis and Bowen's reaction series -- Analysis and interpretation of igneous rocks -- Geologic history of southeastern Pennsylvania -- Laboratory 6.

This user-friendly, best-selling lab manual examines the basic processes of geology and their applications to everyday life.

Featuring contributions from over 170 highly regarded geologists and geoscience educators, along with an exceptional illustration program by Dennis Tasa, Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology, Ninth Edition offers a new activities-based approach that gives you a more complete learning experience in the lab.

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