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Not only is patience a virtue, it could make the difference between you being single forever or ending up with your lifelong partner sooner than you’d even imagined.

In 2003, a married general practitioner in the UK had an affair with a patient - he left his wife to move in with her.

While the medical code necessitates that objective distance be maintained, human chemistry being what it is, such amorous liaisons are hard to avoid - when they do occur, doctors talk about them in hushed tones.

When I was a student, little by way of professional conduct was taught, in matters concerning such affairs - although my consultant physician did say: "You can make your mistress your patient but not your patient your mistress." Nevertheless I must admit I have known several doctors who married their patients.

And there have been several instances where doctors have been disciplined for maintaining such relationships with patients.

Research shows that in the US one in ten family doctors have had affairs with their patients.

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