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Everything goes well for the crew until life begins to imitate art.In one fateful case, Byung Hoon, the agency’s director, finds himself helping another man win the heart of the woman he loves—exactly what happened in “Cyrano De Bergerac Played with slouching charm by Uhm Tae Woong, Byung Hoon does everything in his power to stay off the case, but money is scare and the rest of the team eventually convince him to move forward.

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The biggest of them all, of course, is at the very heart of the agency’s work: Why would you ever want someone who would only want a “perfect” version of you, not the real thing?

His shared past with the agency’s newest prey is told in fragmentary flashbacks that gradually reveal the details of their love, from a gum-driven meeting to a teary breakup.

As he choreographs the client’s quest for her hand, Byung Hoon is forced to decide between a broken past and an uncertain future not only for himself, but also for his former sweetheart.

In an underused role, Park Shin Hye also shines as a no-nonsense businesswoman working to keep the agency afloat.

Funny fight scenes and quirky romance abound in “The Cyrano Agencybut the movie does suffer from a slower second half and some serious logical flaws.

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