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“For us it is all about creating genuine connections between compatible people,” says Michael Krayenhoff, cofounder of dating app The Inner Circle.There were a couple of times when some of our partners asked me about certain things they hoped to see from Dating Factory, and my answer was: “We have it already,” they were really pleased with the fact that we’re thinking ahead and going above and beyond.I hope that this dinner will turn into a Dating Factory tradition, and we’re always happy to meet everyone we’re working (or going to work) with!

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I can go to a restaurant for a steak every day if I want, but it’s not often I have the opportunity to talk to the people I’m working with, to tell them about the product we have (I think I can talk about it for hours) or to learn more about the local market to find out if there is a place for improvements for DF.

It was such a great pleasure to have the time to spend with so many of our partners whom we have had such a long and productive relationship with.

My T-bone steak looked delicious, but I didn’t have a chance to take a bite of it, as I kept answering the many questions our partners had.

But optimists – or perhaps opportunists – see the grass much, much greener. (The city is built upon a bunch of islands, after all – and fishing is allowed!

) But how does one tap into this massive pond of eligible young cosmopolitans – especially with a culture which doesn’t necessarily encourage mingling with strangers?

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