Dating game personality

The simplest way is for them to make statements such as “I think you are quite patient” for their partner to respond to with expressions like “Are you pulling my leg?

After they have answered the questions, they can work together to guess what they were being tested on (e.g.

how generous they are), and to compare their answers with their partner(s).

Good activities will also allow them to use the words over and over again and to think about them in more depth until they really are clear about the meaning and connotations. Possibilities include putting the adjectives in order of importance for a lover, spouse, employee, boss, teacher or politician.

They can then write similar questionnaires for other personality words for other groups to answer the questions on and then guess which character traits are being tested.

Creative and high level groups might also be able to improvise such questions without writing them down. Your personality Ask students to guess each other’s personality.

They can then compare their ideas with another group. Roleplays Give students a roleplay card telling them what their personality is, and ask them to act that way until their partner guesses what adjective they were given.

Situations in which they can do so include shopping, blind dates, job interviews and press/TV interviews. Describe the people One student uses personality adjectives to describe someone until their partners guess who they are talking about.

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