Dating dunhill lighters

As cigarette smoking took off in the 1920s and ’30s, Dunhill became one of the most famous names in the field, opening shops in Paris, New York and Toronto and expanding into menswear, toiletries and other areas, but it is with smoking accessories that the firm is most notably associated.

Dunhill was particularly known for lighters, most famously the Unique lighter, launched in the early 1920s with the slogan ‘The lighter that changed public opinion’.

It is also worth to know that Dunhill manufactured also a gas (butane) version of this lighter in the late 1960s which is nowadays rare to find.

Anything with a patent number or serial number is in the 70's or later.

A pair of gold and diamond cufflinks, textured figure 8 design, estimated weight of twelve brilliant cut diamonds, 0.36 carats. Dunhill two cigarette lighters one 18ct three-tone gold Dunhill lighter, stamped '750 830 Al', together with one 9ct yellow gold cased Dunhill lighter with engine turned finish, stamped '375 Made in England' (2)A Dunhill Namiki cigarette case by Murata Senzan in simulated Nasihji and Maki-e lacquer finish techniques, the subject of gold fish swimming amongst water weeds.

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