Dating ben pearson recurves

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Well, I went down and visited the old fellow who has the junk shop this AM.. I paid 35.00 for it so now have another bow that may help a new archer get started..

I HATE IT WHEN MY MEMORY DOESN'T WORK..:) The bow is Ben Pearson 'GAMESTER'.beneath that 7388 Black glass back & face. Shucks a fellow can hardly pass on a 35.00 recurve in fine condition..:) Just have to make a string for it and wax it up and redo the arrow plate-shelf a tad.

Almost bought it myself but just don't need another bow..:) Jim Pete, My memory fails me on this one's name..maybe GAMESTER?

Red glass on the back.tip overlays.string but straight without any blemishes.

Jim From an old site listing the Ben Pearson bows: Gamester, 1970, No. Contrasting laminated hardwoods Black Pearsonite glass 7 1/2 to 6 1/2 inch brace height 4 1/2 inch sight window brown wood with two thin white strips thru handle $ 53 _______________________ Obviously NOT catalogued by anyone who knows much about woods..

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